Our Organization

We are members of the world’s largest and most active service club organization.


We are men and women who believe that by working together they will accomplish far more than would be possible as individuals.

We are members committed to solving local health and social problems, and who realize that solutions are possible when every Lion does his/her share.

We are people who cherish the fellowship of our own club, but who also feel a close kinship with Lions in over 200 countries and areas throughout the world.

We are patriotic citizens of Westerville, Ohio, who, in the global community, strive for a world at peace. We are individuals dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in our club– and in our personal lives.

We are people who are serious about our commitment to humanitarian service, but have fun along the way.


Board Members

Bill Phythyon
Carl Gass
1st Vice President
Alex LeVasseur
2nd Vice President
Hank Stonerook
Howard Baum
Debbie Bennati
Membership Chair
Dave Marhover
Lion Tamer
Art Robertson
Tail Twister
Kevin Martin
2nd Year Director
Skip Bennett
2nd Year Director
Jim Shively
1st Year Director
Beth Robertson
1st Year Director



Past Presidents

2019-21 Bill Phythyon
2018-19 Gary Bix and Bill Bretthauer
2017-18 Howard Baum
2016-17 Howard Baum
2015-16 Aimee Westlund
2014-15 Dale Hartman
2013-14 Donna Saylor
2012-13 Elizabeth Dusenbury
2011-12 Forrest Hoppe
2010-11 A.J. Westlund (PDG)
2009-10 Jim Shively
2008-09 Don Mullen
2007-08 Don Niebling
2006-07 Hank Stonerook
2005-06 Tom White
2004-05 Kerry Robinson
2003-04 Robert Holmes
2002-03 Scott Robinson
2001-02 Stephen A. Miller
2000-01 Kingston Malley
1999-00 William M. Riggs, Jr. (PDG)
1998-99 Nur Hussen
1997-98 Elizabeth Dusenbury
1996-97 David Bergman
1995-96 Jim Shively
1994-95 Luke Sutherland
1993-94 Jim Casto
1992-93 Larry Allen
1991-92 Doug Reed
1990-91 Jeff Pruzan
1989-90 William Bretthauer
1988-89 Donald Kerr
1987-88 Stephen A. Miller
1986-87 Gary D. Bix
1985-86 Donald Moninger
1984-85 Kenneth Cole, Jr.
1983-84 John Parrish
1982-83 Jerome Cavinee
1981-82 Merrill L. Castle
1980-81 Len Myers (PDG)
1979-80 Neil Andrew (PDG)
1978-79 Ross Day
1977-78 William Arbogast
1976-77 Roger Deibel
1975-76 Glenn Griffith
1974-75 John Campbell

1973-74 Chester Turner
1972-73 Eugene G. Moor
1971-72 C.E. Bischoff
1970-71 Ned E. Mosher
1969-70 Terrence W. Day
1968-69 Ralph W. Roll
1967-68 M. Ray Morris
1966-67 Roger Moore
1965-66 Virgil Raver
1964-65 Eugene Anderson
1963-64 John A. Morgan
1962-63 Kenneth Moreland
1961-62 Wilbur Franklin (PDG)
1960-61 Robert Daugherty
1959-60 V.F. Patterson
1958-59 R.F. Martin
1957-58 L.C. Cole
1956-57 Norman H. Dohn
1955-56 Roy E. Metz
1954-55 Harry O. Weaston
1953-54 Harold L. McMillan
1952-53 Carl H. Bendow
1951-52 Willard P. Talbott
1950-51 Edwin A. Walker
1949-50 Floyd J. Vance
1948-49 Merrill Z. Conn
1947-48 Walter R. Bailey
1946-47 Ross W. Shoemaker
1945-46 H. Clay Scott
1944-45 E.E. Reese
1943-44 Wayne E. Wolfe
1942-43 Waldo Eliott
1941-42 Charles R. Bennett
1940-41 J. Harold Wenger
1939-40 W.O. Clark
1938-39 Reed S. Johnston
1937-38 Boyd P. Doty
1936-37 I.B. Hanover
1935-36 Ralph R. Miller
1934-35 Howard McClaren
1933-34 Clarence F. Williams
1932-33 R.F. Martin
1931-32 Howard W. Elliott
1930-31 W.B. Johnston
1929-30 Horace W. Troop
1928-29 Harry Hance


We are the Lions!