White Cane Fundraiser

Help the Westerville Lions help the blind!

In conjunction with the National Federation of the Blind, your Westerville Lions Club is celebrating White Cane Awareness Week with a fundraiser, October 10-16. All monies from the fundraiser support our many local philanthropic endeavors such as Pilot Dogs, Central Ohio Eye Bank, Diabetes Association and many more.

International White Cane Safety Day is an opportunity to increase awareness about the white cane, which:
• Signifies that the pedestrian using it is blind or visually impaired;
• Alerts motorists of the need to exercise special caution and provide the user the right of way;
• Symbolizes the independence, confidence and skills of the person who is using it.

Did you know? 
1964: the U.S. Congress approved a resolution authorizing the President of the US to annually issue a proclamation designating October 15th* as “National White Cane Safety Day.”
1969: the International Federation of the Blind adopted October 15th* as “International White Cane Safety Day.”

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