Our Town (Westerville, Ohio):

Westerville's rich New England heritage and natural beauty ignite with the tempo of its thriving business community and vibrant economy to make Westerville a city of distinction! Located in the northeast corner of Ohio's fastest growing region, Westerville is a vital city of 37,000 residents just miles from the state capital.

Recreational opportunities abound in Westerville with 38 different parks or recreation facilities, including the 96,600 square foot Community Center which opened in November 2001. For more information about the center or any lifelong learning offerings from the Parks & Recreation Department, call 614-901-6500.

From the time the City was settled in 1806 up until today, Westerville's progress has been marked by strong alliances among community partners Westerville Library, Westerville City Schools, Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Westerville Visitors and Convention Bureau and these can all be found on the links page. Dig a little deeper into what they have to offer and visit us often.

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